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Welcome to the RACE Education Portal. We are delighted to make as much technical information as possible available to our users so that using RACE Software and optimising suspensions systems is easier than ever. the world’s most used platform for chassis knowledge has been now integrated in RACE Education.

Design with RACE

Provides a quick overview of how RACE works and some of the break-through features we have made available to users right from our Standard Level onwards.


Users can enrol on a tailor-made training course, complete with lessons, and quizzes, which equips one with all the tools and knowledge required to start designing with RACE. We believe this will revolutionise university classrooms around the world!

Knowledge Base

This is arguably the most comprehensive library of automotive industry standard key performance indicators (KPI) for suspension systems. This includes descriptions of both Kinematics and Compliance KPIs.

Performance Tuning

The key to good suspension design is to design the suspension system to flex and deform in a way that gives the driver confidence and delivers controlled, predictable vehicle behaviour. The Performance Tuning series will prepare users to achieve just this.