Demo Video of Standard Level of RACE Software

RACE (Rapid Axle Concept Evolution) Software is an end-to-end MBS (multibody simulation) software package for the development of suspension and chassis systems. It combines model build, model parameterisation, post-process, secured data storage and report generation into a single platform.

RACE Software allows anyone, from individuals to OEMs to run MBS analysis with a web browser.

No post-processing is required by the user, no MBS experience is required by the user, no software install required by the user.

Cloud-based results and report storage!

RACE Standard offers the ability to go from data input to professional suspension performance report from under 60 seconds.

The demo below shows how the user can go from hard points to a fully navigable Kinematics and Compliance report.

The key points in the video are:

  • Loggin in
  • Selecting the Double Wishbone Standard suspension type
  • Entering your vehicle’s hardpoints, joint information, topology information and other tuning parameters
  • Input verification and run simulation
  • Open your pdf report and a brief run through the various sections of the report such as:
    • Details of the kinematics and compliance tests that are run in the simulation
    • Data captured by user’s input
    • Simulation stats
    • KPI summary
    • Individual plots for each KPI
    • Sign conventions

Sign in to your dashboard and start simulating today! If you’d like to sign up, head to our pricing page.