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Engineering Digital Twins for Simulators


Combining the vehicle physical data with the power of RACE Software we are able to help the simulation world with 1:1 vehicle setups by building RACE Software Physical Models known as Digital Twins.

The models are used by professional drivers (but also drivers who would like to level up and become professionals or improve their skills), development and racing teams, Automotive OEMs for vehicle assessment and development, Esports and the wider sim racing spectrum.

Using our vehicle digital twins you would be able to experience like-for-like real physics and dynamics.

Besides being able to train at no cost and unlimited on the simulator, when you move away from the sim to the real world you can have the confidence of exploring the performance of the real vehicle, as our models are engineered models and not immersive models, this way improving for the 1st time the overall safety when moving from a simulator and the virtual environment to real life.

We engineer vehicle digital twins by taking into account all vehicle benchmarked data such as:

  • suspension hard points and their associated stiffness and all subcomponents such as springs, dampers
  • tyres and their behavior
  • engine and gearbox mapping
  • aerodynamics
  • pro telemetry
  • custom livery and 3D/CAD modelling
  • sound development

Praga R1 virtual (red) vs real (black)

0.08 seconds is the difference between virtual and real life on a 2 minutes lap at Silverstone with the same driver 

The digital twins are also backed up by RACE Software chassis reports.

We have a number of vehicles ready to be purchased (such as LMP3, Praga R1, GB4, 991 CUP, 991 GT3 RS, Radical SR3 and others) but also we are available to be commissioned for new ones, globally.

We are also able to supply simulators (hardware) at discounted prices via our extensive network of sim manufacturers including installation globally.

All vehicle models are provided with adequate licensing in place.

Performance Driving and Racing Driver Coaching


Using a state-of-the art approach we are able to level up any individual.

With engineered digital twins along with our in-house Pro Drivers we are able to offer performance driver training at our location in the UK but also remotely, globally. We also have concierge services for people flying into the UK.

Besides using digital vehicle replicas for training we also level up the drivers by making them understand the engineering behind the vehicle behavior (RACE Software K&C reports) this way leveling them up and making them a valuable part of the engineering and mechanics team.

In-Game Physics Engine Development


We are helping the gaming industry with real life vehicle physics and vehicle setups via our RACE “software engine” bringing unseen scalable capabilities and fidelity to the gaming world.

Engine features:

  • Full vertical dynamics, including road modelling and roughness
  • Actual springs/dampers/antiroll bars and kinematic/load transfer effects
  • Aero forces
  • Wheel and tyre dynamics with nonlinearities, transients, contact patch deflection and combined loads
  • Suspension kinematics & compliance
  • Force inputs and kinematics outputs at any point of the vehicle
  • Steering and steering feedback (application on static/dynamic simulators)
  • Rubber parts and vibrational content control (application on dynamic simulators)

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