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  1.  Consultancy Services include:

    • Target Setting
    • Chassis Concepts
    • Suspension Design
    • Virtual to Physical correlation
    • Vehicle Dynamics
    • Subjective Testing
    • Educational and Driver training
    • Full Vehicle Development with Complementary Tools
    • CAD & CAID
    • FEA (implicit and explicit both linear and nonlinear)
    • MBD & 1D Simulations
    • CFD
  2.  Custom RACE Software Development

    • Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, Motorsport teams, and others use RACE Software’s robust platform to commission custom development for any special requirements. Be it developing a specific template or a complete suspension model, customers can accelerate their development cycles through custom software development by RACE experts.
  3.  Vehicle Chassis Benchmarking

    • RACE provides a comprehensive database of vehicles for chassis benchmarking from classics to newly released vehicles.
    • Our team also offers expertise into facilitating custom benchmarking studies such as bush measurements or components structural stiffness measurements and specifications.
  4.  Gaming Industry

    • Helping the gaming industry with real life vehicle physics and vehicle setups via our RACE “software engine”