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We have a number of active programmes to engage with various organisations across different sectors. These are set up to enable individuals, motorsport organisations, racing drivers, educational institutions, industry influencers, and more to rapidly deploy RACE around the world.

  1. Academic

    • Universities and academic institutions can benefit from getting access to RACE Software by partnering with us on the Academic Programme. This programme accelerates their transition to upgrading the tools and training they are able to provide to students.
  2. Drivers and Teams

    • A number of racing drivers and motorsport teams partner with RACE to instantly learn more about their vehicles and gain an advantage on the race track. Get in touch with us to find our more and learn more about this exciting opportunity.
  3. Affiliates

    • We believe that people will love our product when they start using it. If you would like to introduce our product to your contact network and evangelise the opportunities it presents, do get in touch to learn more about our affiliate programmes.


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