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Automotive/Motorsports Suspension and Chassis Systems – Design and Engineering Fundamentals

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The RACE Software team has designed this course specifically for professionals and students looking to learn about chassis and suspension systems and what it takes to concept, design and engineer them. Getting to grips with the topics covered in this course sets up the user perfectly to understand fundamental concepts about automotive suspensions. The course teaches you the Key Performance Indicators used in RACE Software and the automotive and motorsport industry. The principles learned in this course are key to design any suspension and chassis system.

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1. How to Register:
a. Navigate to (open link in a new tab to keep this page with instructions)
b. Complete user information (user real credentials as they will be used to generate your certificate of achievement)
c. Press Register

2. Purchase and Enroll into the Course:
a. Navigate to “MY ACCOUNT” (login again if requested)
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c. Choose the “Automotive Suspension and Chassis Systems – Design and Engineering Fundamentals” course
d. Purchase the course
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Upon successful course completion you shall receive a sharable certificate of achievement. (You can add it to your CV, LinkedIn, Facebook profile and share publicly)

The topics covered in the course include the following:

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  • 7 Days
  • April 14, 2021 7:26 pm
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