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RACE Software Log/Updates

Version 1.3.2 Released 13/07/2023
– Added static toe and camber adjustment capability to Advanced templates. A second hardpoint (P20) can now be defined on the wheel rotation axis. The wheel rotation axis is along a line joining P9 and P20. P20 must be outboard of P9. For a given P20 y coordinate, static toe is controlled by the x coordinate of P20 and static camber is controlled by the z coordinate of P20.
– Improved PDF report hyperlinks from the KPI graphs back to the KPI summary table.
– Fixed a bug with the ARB attachment to strut option on the MacPherson Strut Advanced template.
– Added additional demo PDF reports and CSV files for new users.

​Version 1.3.1 Released 18/06/2023
– Added ride height adjustment option to Advanced templates. This allows the user to move the suspension into bump or rebound to simulate a change in vehicle ride height before running the simulation. A positive ride height adjustment moves the suspension into bump, therefore simulating a lowered vehicle.
– Added spring installed length and spring installed load KPIs to the Static Geometry section in Advanced.
– Added additional CSV report outputs in Advanced. In addition to the existing KPI CSV report, two new reports contain the nonlinear joint curve data and the raw signals used to generate the PDF report KPI graphs. CSVs are now downloaded in a zip file containing the three csv files.
– Updated PDF report section 4 layout and text
– Added 3D pop-out option on all templates

Version 1.3.0 Released 23/02/2023
– Added 3D graphics for all templates
– Updated suspension hardpoint numbering images for all templates
– Added user simulation description to the cover page of the report and to section 3 of the report
– Added simulation ID to section 3 of the report
– Added a new search/filtering function on the previous simulations page. Pagination removed.
– Added anti-dive, anti-lift and anti-squat KPIs in degrees to the report
– Updated steering test description in section 2 of the report

Version 1.2.5 – Released 15/12/2022
– Added user input validation checks to Advanced suspension templates

Version 1.2.4 – Released 07/12/2022
– Added user defined steering rack travel to Advanced suspension templates with steering capability

Version 1.2.3 – Released 11/09/2022
– Released Beta version of RACE 3D graphics to the Double Wishbone Advanced Template. Known issues: x,y,z axes indicator arrows misaligned to global axes
– Fixed 3D bug: Bush original position graphics not cleared when a hardpoint is moved
– Fixed 3D bug: mouse hover over for ‘more information’ is not calibrated for all screen sizes

Version 1.2.2 – Released 07/09/2022
– Released Beta version of RACE 3D graphics to the Double Wishbone Standard Template. Known issues: Bush original position graphics not cleared when a hardpoint is moved, mouse hover over for ‘more information’ is not calibrated for all screen sizes, x,y,z axes indicator arrows misaligned to global axes

Version 1.2.1 – Released 02/09/2022
– Added new double wishbone images to the pdf report and suspension templates
– Updated the kingpin inclination and castor angle precision to one decimal place instead of two

Version 1.2.0 – Released 24/07/2022
– Added four link beam axle template with sliding A-Arm lateral control link, RACE advanced version
– Removed Beta tag from four link beam axle standard template

Version 1.1.0 – Released 15/07/2022
– Added four link beam axle template with sliding A-Arm lateral control link, RACE standard version, beta release

Version 1.0.0 – Released 30/05/2022
– First full release, Beta tag dropped
– Added user input error checking before simulations are submitted to the server
– Revised template layout. Minor updates to formatting. Stand alone topology section added

Beta Version 0.8.2 – Released 05/04/2022
– Added job queuing to manage parallel simulation requests

Beta Version 0.8.1 – Released 26/03/2022
– New simulation delete button added to the previous simulations page

Beta Version 0.8.0 – Released 21/11/2021
– First release of RACE Advanced Beta Version
– Added RACE Advanced templates for Double Wishbone, MacPherson Strut, 5 Link, Control Blade, Push/Pull Rod Double Wishbone
– New roll (opposite wheel travel) test included in Advanced analysis
– Support for nonlinear bushes and anti-roll bars added in Advanced templates
– Support for two anti-roll bar configurations in push/pull rod double wishbone suspensions (Conventional and T-Crank systems)

Beta Version 0.7.3 – Released 09/10/2021
– First release of RACE Advanced Alpha version for internal testing

Beta Version 0.7.2 – Released 20/07/2021
– Updated csv report filename to match the pdf report filename

Beta Version 0.7.1 – Released 06/06/2021
– Added a full user input export as a csv file for internal RACE development

Beta Version 0.7.0 – Released 07/05/2021
– Updated steer axis calculation method to use the instantaneous knuckle rotation to calculate steering axis geometry KPIs, this ensures robust steer axis calculation for suspensions with a virtual steer axis
– Added the option of including an ideal ball joint (infinitely stiff) in suspension templates
– Added code to include the link stiffness as an input in the suspension templates (this is to support future developments on RACE Advanced and Pro levels)

Beta Version 0.6.2 – Released 01/05/2021
– Revised code to extract the username from the backend database and to write it to the pdf report

Beta Version 0.6.1 – Released 19/04/2021
– Updated all existing templates to use the new standard base MBS template

Beta Version 0.6.0 – Released 05/04/2021
– Revised all MBS suspension templates to use a standard base template, no impact to the user analysis or results

Beta Version 0.5.4 – Released 17/03/2021
– Updates to the MBS simulation code, no impact on the user analysis or results

Beta Version 0.5.3 – Released 07/02/2021
– Added customer RACE Custom suspension template

Beta Version 0.5.2 – Released 30/01/2021
– Implemented an error report which is generated if 4 or more simulations fail
– Revised kingpin axis marker naming for kingpin unit vector calculation
– Added KPI table csv format as a download option on the previous simulations page

Beta Version 0.5.1 – Released 03/01/2021
– Revised RACE Custom report format

Beta Version 0.5.0 – Released 31/12/2020
– Revised input units in all templates to mm and N
– First customer RACE Custom simulation and analysis implemented

Beta Version 0.4.0 – Released 23/12/2020
– Updated RACE source code to enable RACE Custom simulations and reports
– First release of RACE Custom

Beta Version 0.3.5 – Released 07/12/2020
– Revised the spring element code in the MBS simulations

Beta Version 0.3.4 – Released 03/12/2020
– Added torsion bar option to the push/pull rod template
– Updated suspension pictures for the MacPherson and Control blade templates

Beta Version 0.3.3 – Released 10/11/2020
– First release of the double wishbone push/pull rod template
– Updated report with minor formatting changes

Beta Version 0.3.2 – Released 07/11/2020
– First release of the control blade template
– Added spring user configurable attachment options
– Updated all templates to accept spring hardpoints
– Revised joints table format in the report
– Revised bush options in all templates

Beta Version 0.3.1 – Released 07/10/2020
– Added suspension images to the pdf report

Beta Version 0.3.0 – Released 05/10/2020
– First release of the MacPherson strut template
– First release of the 5 link template
– Added suspension type to the RACE report front cover

Beta Version 0.2.7 – Released 15/08/2020
– Fixed a report bug caused by underscores in the usernames
– Revised plot axis scaling for various KPI plots
– Fixed bug in the pdf report document title read by pdf readers

Beta Version 0.2.6 – Released 18/07/2020
– Added user configurable damper attachment options
– Updated report to display the damper attachment selected by the user

Beta Version 0.2.5 – Released 21/06/2020
– Added clean up code to delete all unnecessary analysis files after a simulation is complete

Beta Version 0.2.4 – Released 31/05/2020
– Updated hardpoint precision to 3 decimal places
– Implemented 300 second maximum wait time for simulations to finish

Beta Version 0.2.3 – Released 25/04/2020
– Added more robust checking to determine when MBS simulations are complete
– Added MBS simulation CPU time as an output in the RACE pdf report
– Updated pdf report KPI metric precision

Beta Version 0.2.2 – Released 13/04/2020
– Updated to the new RACE logo on the pdf reports
– Spring rate, spring preload, tyre loaded radius and wheel base now read from user inputs
– Improved report format with reordered KPI table

Beta Version 0.2.1 – Released 12/04/2020
– Added simulation status user feedback to the previous simulation page

Beta Version 0.2.0 – Released 01/04/2020
– First release of RACE Software Beta version

Alpha Version 0.1.0 – Released 15/07/2019
– First release of RACE Software Alpha Version